January 12, 2016 vampwoov 0

FELLOW WOOVS! Exciting news!! Vampwoov’s making our epic comeback February 27th at Muncheez in Beckley! And we’re jammin with a completely different lineup. Biz, our […]

All systems… Go?

November 19, 2015 vampwoov 0

Yo guys, so we estimated we’d have the insturmentals and at least half the vocals done for the first 7 tracks by this weeks recording […]


November 6, 2015 vampwoov 0

Yea boiiii Tuesday, we began recording drum tracks for the upcoming EP/Album/WTFever-we’re-calling it, and thus far, we have 5 drum tracks tucked away. The remainder […]


October 26, 2015 vampwoov 0

VAMPWOOV is currently taking a break from live performances and getting some shit done in the studio. It could be an EP or a triple […]