All systems… Go?

Yo guys, so we estimated we’d have the insturmentals and at least half the vocals done for the first 7 tracks by this weeks recording session, but alas, the Gods did not deem this week a studio success =\

First, the stomach gods were all like “hey fuck you, you’re not gonna record, you’re gonna puke all night because fuck you!”

Then, the next day, the weather gods were all like “Ohh, you need power to record? We got some 60mph winds to fix that for ya!!”

So, we’re still where we were last week. Some bass tracks and mix work will probably be tacked on before next week to save some time, and then hopefully that means half of the album will be done next week (???)

In other news, still working on merch, the gallery should be up later today, and we’re getting bored with not playibg shows so we may do that soon (??)



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