Just another day in Dover…

Well, another recording session down, and the pre-production on all the insturments for the first 7 songs on the album is almost done!

That means we should be done with the first half of the ol’ WOOV album by next week’s session, and we’ll be moving on to fleshing out the rest of the material soon-like.

If we keep this pace up, you can probably expect a late November/early December release date to be announced in the not-so-distant future.

Also, MERCH!

We have a fully-functioning online merch store now (which you can find the link for above) and we’re in the process of ordering buttons and stickers! \m/ The online store only has one item currently, but we’ll be updating with a couple new items soon.

Help make us not poor, support the woov, be the woov!

Till next time \m/


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